Sunday, 13 September 2015

Providence, Rhode Island, 2013

When Alan was in the historic town of Providence, Rhode Island, USA, in 2013, for the Comic Con, he met and became friends with Ryder Wyndham.

Ryder is an American famous for writing more than 60 Star Wars novels, comics and reference books.

Away from the convention, while they were having a coffee together, Alan happened to mention that he would like to have had the time to have a tour around at the famous old houses. Ryder told Alan to meet him out front. Ryder went to collect his car, picked Alan up and took Alan for a tour around the town and a look at the famous architecture. Alan enjoyed this immensely.

Ryder’s latest novel, a Star Wars Rebel junior novel, ‘Ezra’s Gamble’ centres around a 14 year old boy – Ezra – is a con artist and sells tickets for the illegal gladiatorial games. He forms an unlikely alliance with the bounty hunter Bossk.

Anyway, in his dedications in the book, Ryder makes mention of Alan and reminds Alan that next time they meet up, it is Ryder’s turn to buy the coffee.

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