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22nd August 2017
Below are a few photos of Alan and the figures Mario Steenbrugge, who comes from Belgium (and one of the emails from him) .
He has made and kindly presented Alan with a figure from Alan's character in Space 1999 and another figure of Alan's character in the James Bond film Living daylights.
Mario kindly travelled to the Dortmund convention in August and presented Alan with the figures.

Alan says a big thank you to Mario and wish you well for the future.

Hello Alan
This mail is about the Ghetto Blaster figure and a Ghetto Blaster Tribute (as mentioned in the title of the email)
I don't know if Alan told you about that? We were able to find an 80's Philips Ghettoblaster like the one used in the Living Daylights and we used that as a base for an Alan Harris/ Ghetto Blaster Technician tribute. The image you see is a print on plexiglass and then the plexiglas was placed on the Ghettoblaster. The image you see (swirl with Alan's character) was our initial front card for the Ghetto Blaster Technician. But because we had to use another type of clamshell it was discarded but put to use again later on.
If you have any question please ask.
Greetings, Mario



24th July 2017
Alan at Ubeda, Spain.

A special custom Cardback created by Ricardo Blasco Collins as a presentation to Alan at Ubeda, Spain.

Some images the showing of 'The Force AwakensPerpignan 2015. Pictured are Alan with Stephen Calcott, John Coppinger and Alan Flyng.



Alan in Living Daylights
The day after shooting this scene, Charles & Diana
toured the set. The Ghetto blaster was set up for
Charles to fire remotely.

Diana stops to chat to Alan.

Star Wars Noris Convention 2015

One of two photos were supplied
by Alan's Sister-in-law - Angela

The second of two photos were supplied
by Alan's Sister-in-law - Angela

Newspaper cutting from 2001

George Lucas Carrie Fisher & Alan looking back to
Mark Hamill on the set of Star Wars (A New Hope)

Alan always thought Lucas looked too young to be a director.

The making of Boba Fett for Jeremy Bulloch.

Alan with his late wife - Wyn

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