Monday, 21 September 2015


I am Alan's brother, John.
I have quizzed him a few times in recent years about some of the rumours floating around the internet. He told me that some of the rumours buzzing around the internet, and some of the rumours he has heard at some shows he has been to, were total rubbish.
Therefore, as Alan is a self-confessed computer and internet dinosaur, I offered to start a blog and get the truth out there.
It has been a challenge for me to pull the photos and all the information together and then publish it via this blog.
There is much that I could include in this blog about his career away from Star Wars, but Alan felt that Star Wars fans would not be interested. So we have limited this blog almost entirely to Star Wars.
I think we are now somewhere near getting it right.

Even in 2017 new photographs of Alan are emerging.

If any more stories emerge, I shall publish them as soon as possible.

If  you have any stories, photos or questions you would like to put to Alan, then please email them to us.

John A Harris.

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